Miles has a beautiful new garden.


Shreveport Youth Boxing Club's Joshua Dodson is the

USA Boxing’s National Championship 165# Champion!! 

This is the first time Shreveport-Bossier City has had a two time

USA Boxing National Champion!!

So proud of him and our coaches!!

Shreveport Youth Boxing Club's Joshua Dodson won the

USA Boxing’s National Championship 165# Champion!!

He had to beat the current National Champion to win it!!

So proud of him and our coaches!!

Thank you for your donation in supporting these great causes...

your support is what makes them possible.

In the ring and waiting their turn...

Friday Night at Shreveport Youth Boxing Club

Shreveport Youth Boxing Club is now in full swing at 2550 Midway.

Adrienne Davis , owner of Explore Yoga, raised almost $4,000 with her

Yoga Challenge for Paxton's Youth Boxing Program.

Thank you and you instructors for you hard work in raising these funds

that will go to replace worn out gloves and equipment for 

the boys....thank you Adrienne ....we love you and your teachers!!!!

2014 Ray Paxton Invitational

July 19th at the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club

located at the Fairgrounds in Shreveport, Lousiana


NEWS FLASH...June 30th, 2014   BHP Biliton has announced they are committing $10,600,000.

to the new YMCA building project to include the "Just for Miles" pool!!!


The Broadmoor YMCA is in the middle of a $6.5m fundraiser to rebuild the facility, and within the new Y are naming opportunities. I want to raise $1m to have the swimming facilities named “The Miles A. FitzGerald Aquatic Center”.   I have already committed $100k and have someone who is matching that.

Swim therapy has been such a big part of my son Miles’ life.
This new aquatic center would give so many the same opportunity.

Why water?
Water is a great equalizer as it eliminates the pull of gravity, relaxes tight muscles,
provides resistance to increase strength, increases circulation, and decreases sensitivity of sensory nerve endings,
thereby allowing children to learn movements that would otherwise be too difficult to perform on land.

Cindy Murray, OTD, LOTR
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center

The bicycle event was a huge success! I rode 203 miles for Miles in 10 hours, 1 minute, 56 seconds, along with four other teammates. 78 other riders got pledges for Miles and rode various distances. Thank you to all the participants... what an awesome day we'll never forget!!!

We've added videos of the event. To watch, just go to the Videos link to view.

We are almost half way there. If you' like to help me reach the goal, please consider making a donation.

This was a great event! But we're not finished. Thanks everybody!


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